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name Stephanie
age 17
interests writing, people, music, reading, swimming, words, JFK'04

I'm a train wreck
Waiting to happen...

what inspires you? Hope
what are you most afraid of and why? Dispensability. I fear waking up in the morning and knowing that no one needs me.
what is your biggest fault? I'm stubborn
what is your greatest quality? passion
what's the worst thing you've ever done to someone? Nothing above yelling, I don't believe
what can you bring to this community? Creativity, and constructive criticism
who is your favorite person and why? Jena, my best friend. She's strongwilled, beautiful, loyal, concerned, and overall someone I could hang out with for quite a long time
who is your favorite writer and why? Emily Dickinson, because her writing is intelligent, well researched, and she expresses in words what most people cannot ; Dante Alighieri who wrote Divine Comedy, he wrote a book of poetry called Vita Nuova, my all time favorite book
Tell one thing you want me to know You should probably know that I have a lot of concern for people. I love to listen to people-- listening is as good of therapy as advice is most of the time.


Better, an improvement
They were reaching, seeking
The sun fell down
They had no sight
As the sky crashed down on them
Shadows dwelled where there was one light
It was better, an improvement
The rebuilding, a drastic movement
They pushed the sun back in the sky
The ruins slowly became level ground
Run with me, we can rebuild this town
Regardless- You’ll never be my crash down
Hold my hand on this starless night
Run fast with me
And we'll take flight


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