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of the moment

It's always the same
(day after day)
she pretends not to notice;
he walks past her
causing her to look the other way.
Inside she's broken and lonely,
yet she doesn't seem to see
he's left her
for real this time,
he's moved on
- and found another.

He still sees her..
but only when he wants
and when it works for him.
Her feelings never mattered
and the fact that she cries herself to sleep at night
mourning the loss of someone special,
the one person she's loved
and the first..
still means nothing.
When she hides herself away from the world
living with that fake smile
plastered across her face-
even though she feels as though she's dying
on the inside.
She's given up
all she's worked so hard for
is suddenly slipping through her fingers.
Her knees have locked,
and she repeatedly falls on her face-
she's lost that sense of hope.
All she thought meant anything..
now just memories filled with lies.

she lies awake frozen in silence,
wishing he could still hold her
..while he's lying in his bed
and holding someone else

No one notices the way it breaks her,
no one seems to care.
He still calls her..
but all they do is argue,
it only cuts her deeper
letting her drown in her sorrow.
He hangs up and runs to his new interest

I wonder if she knows he'll do the same to her?
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