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one of my favourite poems I've written

My Reflection in the Mirror
A lost figure of rejection;
Weary eyes
Longing for comfort,
Though transparent and empty.

Sweet, impressionable lips torn and chapped-
Sealed; holding back the ugliness of lies,
Seeking truth spoken beyond words.
The voice lost in the distance,
hidden from the world.

Discoloured, stringy hair
collected in an un kept, tangled mess.

An appearing innocent smile,
Completely shattered and broken by the fear of reality.
Streams of pain run down once rosy cheeks,
now only pale, jagged and defined.

A frail figure;
Uneven in proportion,
Choppy around the edges,
And incomplete in appearance..

What was once seen beautiful
Now lost in a blank stare
Her mind stuck within the hope of acceptance
Yet mesmerized by the repulsive vision.

My image of me
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