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I've learned that roses have thorns for a reason

You can take the girl from your heart but you can't take the heart from the girl

Let it bleed-
the face of my nightmares

I wish this b r o k e n h e a r t would just quit beating
faced with all the pains of the passed
slapped around by the regrets still burning
my skin torn and broken

this all still means nothing.

Childhood Hero-
so I guess this just isn't how it was planed..
it's been played out and hurts so bad,
I don't want to pretend
this is how it should be,
everyone wants it-
but I just can't take this.

Shivers and chills
fears of the world
broken bottles
torn open scars
burnt sofa
flying dishes
Just shoot me in the face;
this isn't something to live for.

No more games,
no more pain..
you don't need to bring
more shame to your name
I can't pressure through the hurt and the hate
throwing around emotions with out any thought
a glance and a whisper,
that's all that it took.

lying down in the cold,
blood covering the floor,
I can't face the world like this anymore.
My wrists are snapped and crushing the bone-
blood is all over my clothes.
my tears sting my skin as the stream from my eyes
but they dare not close
too scared from the pain
waiting for more hurt to arise.

I've been used and beaten,
not willing to face life another day.
I can't eat with out puking
my words mumbled and incomplete.
sound throbs through my head
as the silence leaves the appearance of peace
yet darkness lurks closer
while beautiful stars explode throughout the sky
safety is lost.
running through past street lights
tripping on the uneven pavement
trashed to the ground as though thrown from above.

my life is it bits and pieces
lying as shattered glass before me
the view of the fields and soft shedding leaves has disappeared
a loud crash and forceful grip
left the frame empty
spilling it's entire identity.

lost childhood memories,
those few that I had
most covered in lies, clenched fists, flying objects, and wine
none the less
still nothing compared to this

time takes it's toll.
beats you when your down.
hidden by beliefs of a better tomorrow,
tears dryed from the smile-
plastered to keep the pain from spreading
picture perfect.
in every way shape and form.
too bad that's the flaw,
in your hero's form.
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