autumn (oughtem) wrote in vibrant_ink,


I used to always forgive you for what you did to me. I used to pretend when it as too late to be okay.. it wouldn't hurt as much the next time. I used to cry myself to sleep and say not to worry, tomorrow will be a better day. I let you beat me down and walk away. I pretended I'd always care and I'd do anything.

I Lied.

Time after time- eventually the tears stopped coming and the gashes no longer ached. Burning my skin was like combing my hair, every morning. Meaningless. My emotions disappeared and I became blank; dead to the world.
There would always be that little flicker of hope and idea that things would chance- I used to believe in myself. I believed in you. I believed in living (believed in life).

I Lied.

I gave up who I was just to be with you. Going along every day.. in misery. You said everything I ever wanted to hear. You were a silent killer. I ignored all the noise.

I Lied.

Best friends. Love always. you promised forever.. you promised you'd always be there. time and time again, you said you'd keep the hurt from me. Promises. Always broken.. empty words. You meant nothing.

You Lied

Silence means everything. Especially now that you're gone.
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