bleeding pens (_buffalosoldier) wrote in vibrant_ink,
bleeding pens

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fire vs plastic

your beautiful world excludes me
with your perfect sunrise, sunsets & perfect in betweens
trying to overpower me
grasp me in your 'clean' plastic grip
how long can I hold my breath?
you cannot be breathed in
this soul is mine, don't overtake it
I will perform the great escape
I don't need your perfectness & plastic
I have me, the fire & the full moon
protective warmth keeping others at a distance
just the way I like it
I twirl faster & faster until it's all a blur
& I'm floating above the world so high
just try & catch me fucker
your plastic only melts in my firey presence
I rise above you, the pain
the heat keeps me going, hold the flame
the full moon; orange & large
shimmers along the blue ocean
& it reaches me; dancing to the beat
with sand between my toes
power over their eyes
not knowing where the path goes
my black & white figure
smudges of grey; keeps dancing, I'm alive inside
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