bleeding pens (_buffalosoldier) wrote in vibrant_ink,
bleeding pens

pixie's teardrop of evil

the dainty rain falls upon my raggidy doll body
no summer sunshine for this hippy
the rain drops sizzle on the fire
the warmth soon turning to icy water bubbles
my shoulders shiver under their un-caring gaze

the once bright, hopeful, red rose withers with the rain flood
& bleeds from sun deprivation

you cover your face with all the makeup
use your resources for plastic surgery
but you cannot hide who you are
you cannot cover up the freckles
you cannot kill the beast inside with broken shards of mirror
until you face who you are
an unbroken mirror shows the outside
inevitably this is a part of you

she looks up with determined eyes
removes society's demands
relishes in the hippy core
allows the rain to be her blanket
& her naked body glows
what is your art?

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